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108 Names of Vishnu

Posted by Art Of Legend India [dot] Com On 3:26 AM
God Narayana

108 Names of Vishnu

Devotees have tried to express Vishnu's divinity through 1008 names. Some of these names refer exclusively to particular incarnations. Others are shared with other divinities, like Shiva, for ultimately all gods are manifestations of the same godhead.

The following are 108 of the more popular ones:

Achyuta: restrained, unfallen.

Aditya: sun.

Adhoksaja: one who cannot be perceived by the senses.

Anatashayin: he who sleeps on the serpents of eternity.

Aniruddha: unrestrained.

Balaji: eternal child.

Bhagavan: complete manifestation of godhead.

Bhargava: scion of the Bhargav clan (Parashurama).

Buddha: enlightend teacher.

Chakrapani: wielder of the discus, lord of life's cycle.

Chaturbhuja: lord with four arms.

Chiranjeeva: immortal.

Daityari: killer of demons.

Damodara: he whose stomach contains the whole cosmos.

Datta: divine gift.

Dhanajaya: winner of cosmic wealth.

Dharmadhikari: keeper of world order.

Dhata: support of all beings.

Ekatama: single soul of the cosmos.

Gahadhara: bearer of the mace.

Garudadhyama: dark as clouds (Krishna).

Ghanashyama: dark as lcouds (Krishna).

Gopala: cowhered (Krishna)

God vishnu snapGopika-Vallabha: lord of the cowgirls (Krishna).

Gopta: hidden by veils of delusion.

Govinda: protector of cows (Krishna).

Hari: tawny.

Hayagriva: horse-headed.

Hrishikesha: lord of the senses.

Indravaraja: Indra's brother.

Jagannnatha: lord of the world.

Jalashayin: he who sleeps on water.

Janardhana: beloved of the masses.

Ka: the reason for all things.

Kaitabhajit: killer of the demon Kaitabha.

Kalki: the final saviour.

Kamalanayana: lotus-eyed.

Kanhaiya: beloved of maidens (Krishna).

Keshava: long-haired.

Kiritin: he who wears a crown.

Kshetragna: lord of the field.

Krishna: dark one.

Lakshmikanta: lord of Lakshmi, goddess of wealth.

Lokanatha: god of the people.

Madana-Mohana: he who can charm Cupid.

Madhava: husband of the mother-goddess.

Madhusudhana: killer of the demon Madhu.

Lord Vishnu and Godesses LakshmiManmatha: pleasing the mind.

Manohara: one who captivates the mind.

Mayin: maker of illusions.

Medhavi: wise and intelligent.

Mohana: charmer.

Mukunda: deliverer, liberator.

Muramardana: he who killed the demon Mura.

Murlidhara: he who plays the flute.

Narayana: deliverer of mankind.

Naresh: lord of man.

Narkantaka: killer of the demon Naraka (Krishna).

Padmanabha: one with a lotus rising from his navel.

Panchayudha: bearer of five weapons.

Panduranga: radiant lord.

Parmatma: cosmic soul.

Parthasarathi: charioteer of Partha-Arjuna, the Pandava (Krishna).

Patitapavana: refuge of the helpless.

Pitambara: one who wears yellow garments.

Pradyumna: conqueror.

Prithu: leveller.

Pundarikaksha: lotus-eyed.

Purna-purusha: the primeval man.

Purushottama: the ideal being.

Radhanatha: lord of Radha (Krishna).

Raghava: descendent of Raghu (Rama).

Lord VishnuRaghuvamsi: scion of the Raghu dynasty (Rama).

Ramachandra: as serene as the moon.

Ranganatha: lord of colors.

Ranchor-Rai: the king who avoided war (Krishna).

Rishabha: bull amongst men.

Sankarshana: plougher (Balarama).

Sharangin: wielder of the blow, Saranga.

Shyam: dark one.

Shreedhara: guardian of the goddess Shree.

Shreenatha: lord of the goddess Shree.

Shreenivasa: he who lives with Shree.

Shreevastava: on whose chest resides fortune.

Subhanga: he with an alluring body.

Svabhu: he who created himself.

Tirupati: lord of godddess Shree i.e. Tiru.

Trivakrama: he who covered the cosmos with three steps (Vamana).

Upendra: younger brother of Indra.

Urugaya: one whose gait is wide (Vamama).

Urukrama: he with vast strides (Vamana).

Vasudeva: lord of elements.

Vaikuntha: lord of cohesion.

Vallabha: beloved husband.

Vamana: dwarf.

Vanamali: he who wears garlands of wild flowers.

Varadaraja: the king who bestows boons.

Varaha: the boar who raised earth from the ocean floor.

Vatapatrashayin: Vishnu resting on the banyan leaf floating on the waters of doom.

Venkateshvara: god of the hills.

Vidhu: expert.

Virata-purusha: The cosmic being.

Vishnu: all pervasive.

Visvaksena: The defender of the cosmos.

Visvarupa: one with a cosmic form.

Vitthala: lord who stands of a brick.

Vyasa: compiler of knowledge.

Yagna-purusha: lord of the sacred rite.

Writer- Devdutt Pattanaik

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